Empire Zoysia Turf (Zoysia Japonica SS500)

Albert Valley Turf grows Empire Zoysia, it one of the most popular lawn turf varieties Australia wide. It is a versatile, adaptable and resilient lawn. It requires less maintenance and mowing that any other grass type and is a very efficient water user. It requires less watering and mowing than other commercially grown couch varieties.

Empire Zoysia has the following qualities:

  • Luxurious and soft leaf
  • Weed, pest and disease resistant
  • Tough and hard wearing but recovers slowly
  • Can tolerate shade up to 40%, needs 5 hours sunlight per day
  • Excellent salt tolerance it thrives near the coast and is good at tolerating salt spray.
  • Slow growing which requires less mowing and is proven to need 1/2 the mowing of any couch turf.
  • Suitable for sandy or clay soils
  • Low thatch

Empire Zoysia is soft to the touch and maintains a deep, green colour in every season. It is suited to residential, commercial, roadside and amenities areas and will tolerate full sun and between 50% to 30% wear, depending on traffic. It is also drought and cold tolerant.


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empire zoysia