Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo B12 Turf

Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo is proven to be the most shade tolerant turf out of all the Buffalo varieties tested. It has a 70% shade tolerance only requiring 2-3 hours of sunlight per day where other varieties can only handle up to 50%. Sapphire Buffalo has a very deep root system with thick stolons which allows it to thrive in hot humid weather and can survive below freezing temperatures. Most buffalo types have the reputation of being coarse and scratchy but this is not the case with the Sapphire it has super soft leaf that folds in half along the axis giving it an extra fine appearance and protection from Queensland’s extreme climate.

Sapphire Buffalo runners rapidly grow across the ground which enable it to repair quickly and recover from high traffic and stressful situations. The runners grow like a tight knitted mat restricting and out competing weeds leaving very little room for them to grow through. Sapphire has also been proven to be less thatchy and spongy like most other Buffalo varieties.

Sapphire Buffalo is a slower growing buffalo grass, which will require less lawn mowing and maintenance than most other buffalo types. I requires mowing very 5-10 days in summer and every 3-6 weeks in winter. The recommended mowing height is 2-5cms in sunny conditions and 5-7cm in shaded conditions.

Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo B12 Turf has the following qualities:

  • Australia’s #1 performing Buffalo in the shade
  • Fine, soft leaf texture
  • Excellent wear resistance with fast recovery
  • Thrives in hot and humid weather
  • Excellent disease tolerance
  • Out competes weeds
  • Deep roots system makes it very drought tolerant
  • Fair to good salt and frost tolerance

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Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo B12 can be used for residential and commercial premises and with correct turf maintenance will give your garden the advantage of a brilliant green, manicured finish that will be the envy of your street. Ready to discuss supply and delivery of your new turf? Please contact us today.

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