Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo B12 Turf

Have you been dreaming of the perfect lawn? Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo B12 is the answer to your dreams. Quick growing with a delicate texture and robust root system, Sapphire Buffalo keeps excellent winter colour and performs well in a variety of conditions.

Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo B12 Turf has the following qualities:

  • Australia’s #1 performing Buffalo in the shade
  • Fine, soft leaf texture
  • Excellent wear resistance with fast recovery
  • Thrives in hot and humid weather
  • Excellent disease tolerance
  • Out competes weeds
  • Deep roots system makes it very drought tolerant
  • Fair to good salt and frost tolerance

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Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo B12 can be used for residential and commercial premises and with correct turf maintenance will give your garden the advantage of a brilliant green, manicured finish that will be the envy of your street.

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