Oz Tuff Couch

With the highest salt tolerance of any green couch and the lowest nutritional requirements, choosing Oz Tuff Couch will save you time and money. Oz Tuff is a low growing couch with a fine leaf which means less mowing and greater water retention. It can be cut short without risking burn, making it perfect for golf courses, cricket fields, football grounds and racetracks. Its high salt tolerance also makes it a no-brainer for beachfront properties and foreshore parklands.

The Unique Characteristics of Oz Tuff:

  • Tolerates recycled water and drought conditions
  • Has the highest salt tolerance of any couch
  • Low maintenance makes it easy to keep weed free
  • Less mowing and water required
  • Quick recovery after stressful conditions
  • Resistance to animal urine

It stays green throughout the seasons meaning you have a fantastic looking lawn without spending as much time or money. Call Albert Valley Turf today and speak to our experienced staff about your turf needs and for any information on choosing turf varieties and maintaining your lawn.

The team at Albert Valley Turf is dedicated to excellent customer service, so please contact us today.

oz tuff